Make sure you research extracurricular activities and opportunities that will interest you outside of your studies because I’m a strong believer that you’ll get out what you put in. Who knows who you could become after 3 years at university?
— Seren
My nerves got the better of me, and I felt convinced that I hadn’t been successful at interview, but a week later my conditional offer arrived! I had to complete a series of checks, including medical history and DBS checks (everything you’d hope your own nurse would have!) and suddenly it was induction week!
— Felicity
It may seem like there’s a lot of pressure now, but if it takes you a little while longer than others to decide where you want to, then that’s absolutely fine. The only thing that matters is that you end up on a course YOU enjoy doing what YOU love.
— Charlie
The support that international students receive from the time they arrive in Plymouth, till the time they graduate is amazing, especially if you are someone travelling abroad or the UK for the first time
— Ankitha